Online Protocol and Website Technicalities

This weeks symposium we discussed the protocols that cushions the way in which we engage with each other online. Giving a simple and concise explanation, Elliot defines protocol ‘as a rule or governing principle regarding how to connect with others online’. Touching on both technical and social protocol, the guidelines of which govern which websites can be accessed by who and how, and how people generally should and shouldn’t behave online. However, although there is a broad grouping between the technical and social protocols that exists online, it was summarised today that the two are both deeply interrelated and do not function independently. The discussion on social protocols then moved into the questioning of how we develop social protocols with new social software. What social protocol does this new website invites us to adhere by? After the lecture, Monique and I discussed this in relation to the new social website ‘Ello’. As a new member of this emerging social networking site, Monique along with many others,  is currently trying to work out what kind of etiquette is required. Is the crediting of all images necessary? Or is it something that one can just let slide like thousands do on tumblr? Is it a site with a more ‘professional’ or ‘formal’ touch or is ok to make posts that are a bit random and humorous?

Finally we discussed the technicalities of an email address, which was some very insightful new information for me as Adrian very helpfully likened an email address to a mobile phone number. Learning some new terms such as DNS: Domain Name System and IP: Internet Protocol of which relate to the respective ‘human readable labels’ for the identification numbering systems for all internet devices.

Informative and interesting, the content of this symposium provided a great end note for the semester!

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