Gearing Up for Business

During this week’s symposium before discussing the readings, Adrian explained to the group (albeit as shrinking as it is…), exactly why our current assignment is designed as it is and why, for the first time in my experiences this year, we have been given the option – and more or less urged, to submit a rough draft. Referring to the concepts of studio based work and collaborative work; Adrian connected the ways in which we will be expected to work in the professional world, as media writers with our current process of draft submission.

With the endless supply of information storage that is available on the internet, and the way in which the internet is now programed to store all content deep in craters and caves in the online world, it makes perfect, logical sense for those in the media profession to be required to submit multiple drafts of proposed online submissions. The extensive way in which companies network themselves now, if an employee was to publish something incorrect or in contradiction with company values, it is no longer simply read but those with access to company files, or with connections to employees, but to millions of current and potential customers, and can additionally be linked to thousands more. Editing work is something that is engrained into us from a young age, yet it now more important and detrimental than ever with employers checking employee’s social media pages now being a standard requirement.

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