Same, Same. I Get It, Network Literate Or Die – Lecture 05

CONNECT OR DIE! (well...not really)

To be fair, I don’t think there are many ways to put a super fun spin on the network lectures here at RMIT. Really we discussed the same as last week, except this time, those that hold the power decided that 3 points were more realistic to discuss as a pose to week 4s 7 which inevitably were rushed through. Allow us to compare the pair, same age, same income, same…sorry;

Week 4 Q’s:

  1. How can you judge the validity of things on the internet?
  2. What are the limitations of network literacy? 
  3. How does it differ to print literacy?
  4. What limitations do both literacies share? 
  5. What strengths help compensate for each other? 
  6. Can they work together?
  7. Are they destined to be rivals? Should network […]

Week 5 Q’s:

  1. How is hypertext relevant to us as media practitioners?
  2. What predictions about network literacy should we be aware of?
  3. What are the consequences of being network illiterate?

Those in italics can be combined into one, same as those in bold. Hence, we have 3 points to discuss. No doubt that there were overlaps between the two weeks. Now, perhaps I am just picking at the lectures because they are not all that interesting, or because I don’t like going, or because I am a uni student so therefore I have to not like all these things. I’m not too sure to be honest. All that I know is that these lectures provide discussion, discussion that is then essentially repeated and somewhat expanded in class time. Now don’t get me wrong but this just seems like a poor use of time. The advantages of having all tutors present at once are high, allows for many opinions which usually leads to Adrian’s conquering of the lecture, but if we had a reading to discuss, or perhaps something more engaging like a video then I think it would benefit all. Too many times does one go to class to discuss with his or her classmates about the amount of work lead to them not doing any of the readings and skipping the lecture so they could hand in the work for that week on time and have 10 minutes to study for the test.

A room of stressed faces. Yes I skipped around the main point of the lecture being network literate and the fact that network texts are pieces which can then be linked in an ever changing system giving each piece new meaning. For instances if you make a post it’s meaning is changed if people comment on it or of they then link to it on another blog or website etc etc, but we already knew that from last week now didn’t we 🙂



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