Using HTML in day-to-day life

I was able to put some of my HTML skills to the test this week at work when I was uploading some articles onto our website. One of our articles needed to have a table in it and upon loading it to the website we were unhappy with its layout and the width of the columns. When I went into the back end to try and fix this, I didn’t have the option of changing the width in the ‘Visual’ layout. However, once I clicked on the ‘Text’ or HTML layout it was simple to just manually adjust the width within the actual code itself, by just changing the pixel width listed in the tags.

It was another great reminder of how useful it can be to have some basic knowledge of HTML coding! I’ve found that having this knowledge has actually helped me out a lot at work. The documents printed from the database that I have to edit are written in HTML form and I often find it easier to just change or add things in the code itself. For example, when embedding things like YouTube videos, Instagram photos or Tweets, I like to simply copy and paste the embed code into the HTML itself. In conclusion, thank you Myspace for providing me with the fundamentals of HTML coding from a young age.


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