Hypertext Fictions

While the development of fictional writing involes another factor, like the hypertext, that offer good fundation enough to create a bunch of new forms to express author’s idea. The authors attempt to create a diversity of different new form as the new discovery of hypertext. Hypertext is that, like the new materials, boost up the fictional writing to produce more colourful forms. This situation somewhat is similar to the ‘Autuerism’ that represents the revolution in film industry in 1920-1930. Film used to be stereotype and dull, because the director thought films were consisted of several necessary materials though the films describe different story. This tendency lasted until the born of ‘Autuerism’ in 1930s’ France. The revolution, which people called ‘The New Wave’ was happening in French films, the directors were being creative and individualised in their film. Films become alive!

What is going on with the hypertext inserting fictional writing. Quotes from the first major author of hypertext fiction, Michael Joycethat I wanted, quite simply, to write a novel that would change in successive  readings and to make  thoes changing versions according to the connections that I had for sometime naturally discovered in the process  of writing and that I wanted my readers to share. In my eyes, paragraphs on many different page could just as well go with papragraphs. All that kept me from doing so was the fact that, in print at least, one paragraph inevitably follows another. it seemed to me that if I, as author, could use a computer to move paragraphs about, it wouldn’t take much to let readers do so accoding to some scheme I had predeterminded.

Perhaps, in the future, Joyce consider people merely use the computer and they would modify the writing as what they want to express. In some way, this approach is encouraging readers’ inspirations. Gradually, some authors attempt to create their crafts in which more or less veer toward a narrative instead of highly being dependent on linearity causality, and probable characterisation. The multiplicity give a strong power to writers on their art crafts and they just suddenly obtain more space to create. There is no rules and no restriction. Authors approach  their readers in different many forms, and while readers confront their production, they are proven to be right.

Readers start to be adapt into a series of new form writing from hypertext fiction authors. Tom MacHarg is remarkable that he create The Late-Bite Maneuvers of the Ultramundance by seven lexias for each day of the week. Each day is being with a variations or transformation of the other to be ultimately creative. Here is partial of Monday’s story.

Dwight awoke at 3:15 a.m. to find his girlfriend, Johnette, attempting to conceal a bomb under his pillow. ” You’ve waken me up,” he said. “And I’ve discovered your treachery.”

“The only treachery is yours,” said Johnette.

“I’m only sleeping.” said Dwight. “You ‘re the one planting bombs.”

“Perhaps you deserve it,” said Johnette.

“But I love you,” siade Dwight.

“Then why do you accuse me of treachery?” said Johnette.

“It’s obvious,” said Dwight “You planned to murder me as I lie here dreaming of our sex.”

“You weren’t dreaming.” said Johnette. “I  was wastching you eyes.”

“Perhaps not, but at least I wasn’t trying to murder you,” said Dwight.

“I only meant to scare you into loving me more,” said Johnette.

“With a bomb?” said Dwight.

“You need to love me a lot more,” said Johnette.


McHarg’s work is replete with creepy  and mysterious in his The Late-Nite Maneuvers of the Ultramundane.

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