WOMEN BESIDE THE SCREEN: ASSIGNMENT #1 (15%) – Prompt #2: Text (400 words)


My strategy for interviewing industry professionals is always the same…To research the interviewee in depth, in order to find tailored questions for them, that will always have (or should, given the interviewee answers them promptly) open-ended answers, in order to generate a huge conversation that will (with hope) unlock some hidden truths about the interviewee. The questions I’d choose to ask in order to achieve this, and why, would be the following:

Talk me through your journey in getting to where it is you are today?

  • I believe this is the perfect opening to an interview, guiding the interviewee into opening up the interview, and into opening up themselves, and beginning to generate the conversation.

We know how unfortinately hard it is for women to cut through this male dominated industry, after seeing the statistics that came out of the latest Screen Australia reports… How was your experience in cutting through all of this and getting to where you are? Is there any advice you might have for young women who are also aspiring for this kind of career?

  • As a young female that’s aspiring in the media industry, this is something that I believe is important to ask, as it’s something that most young females like myself are wanting to hear more about.

What made you pursue this career? What was the defining moment for you, when you knew that it was what you wanted?

  • I feel like many creatives do many different things before finding their one true niche within the media industry. With that being said, I’d be interested to hear about the different things that they did before they fell into where they are now.

Do you have any creative inspirations? If so, do you believe they may have helped to shape your creative style in anyway?

  • I find this is an important question to ask to learn more about a creatives style of production. Usually people are influenced by something, and I would like to know what inspires the creative to do what they do.

What piece of work of yours are you the most proud of? Why?

  • I always love to learn about which piece of work is a creatives most favourite and why.

If you could go back and re-work any of your finished projects, which would it be, and why?

  • I find it’s always of interest to learn about whether or not the creative is fully satisfied with the end result, and if there were potentially other ways the end product could’ve gone. Aside from this, I personally always feel like I’m never fully satisfied with any piece of work, and there’s always ways it could be worked on. The possibilities are limitless with creative pieces of work. With this being said, I’d love to know if this is something that the creative in question would be willing to open up about, and what would could potentially come out of this.


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