I didn’t think that I’d have much to say about the process of collaboration, considering this was a solo project for me. But after much thought and consideration, I actually found that I did have something to say.

Collaboration, in the context of my film ‘To Be Something’, is a very interesting point of discussion – As I was confined to the space of my own house to produce the entire project, and made the choice to work alone, rather than in a team. Usually, I wouldn’t favour taking on a project alone, but considering the COVID-19 restrictions in place, I thought that working in a team would actually make it a harder process, instead of an easier one. This felt like an exciting challenge for me, as it was both an opportunity to fully creatively express myself, and to experience executing every role in the film-making process.

Despite all of this, I still found collaboration to be an extremely important part in creating this project. While I wasn’t out filming things myself, I still had to collaborate with others to find the materials I needed to complete the film. This meant collaboration with others to get my interview material with the children complete. Back and forth emails between the participants and I to make it all happen. I had to collaborate in the way that I had to show my work to other students, tutes, family and friends via emailing back and forth to get feedback to create the best possible cut I could, as well as finding good resources to help me with a project like this.

So I would definitely say I was a great collaborator, otherwise the film itself wouldn’t have come together, if I wasn’t. I was able to create ‘To Be Something’ because I was able to collaborate with others to find the content that I needed – regardless of COVID-19 isolating me.

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