The Actor’s Network

The Actor’s Network

So I read the reading about actor-networks, and I began to think to myself, “how hard will it be to create a network in my career as a filmmaker?”

It’s obviously important to make as many connections as possible, to extend your network. Every connection you make has their own network which you can leech off of. It’s a lot of people that are connected in intertwining networks. The tricky part is to make yourself as memorable to these people as possible, I assume. If your a dull character, then people will probably forget you. You cannot be prejudice towards anyone you meet even if they are extremely prejudice. You need to welcome everyone in the industry with open arms to expand your network. If you do that, I assume you will have more luck in the industry.

I already have connections that sort of fell into my lap. My dad used to work with someone who is a cinematographer who knows Baz Lurrhman. Everyone in my neighbourhood seems to have some connection to Geoffrey Rush. Betsy Brandt from Breaking Bad retweeted my Breaking Bad video. That isn’t really a connection, but in a way it has presented me with an opportunity. I have some degree of separation with these people, just like Kevin Bacon does with every actor ever.

I think the main thing I need to do in order to create a larger network is to make more content. The more people to see my work, the more chances I have that someone will notice me and possibly give me an opertunity in the industry.

Next year, I’m hopefully heading off to NYU film school for a semester. One of the teachers of the class was a producer for one of my favourite films, Blue Valentine. Having connections to him can link me to director Derek Cianfrance and actors Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. Yeah, Ryan Gosling. James Franco is often at NYU helping out student films by attaching actors to the projects, and director Spike Lee also teaches there. All of these are potential connections I could be able to create if I make a good impression on them.

Let’s hope for the best.