[READING] Speculation

[READING] Speculation

So, two pieces. One from ’45, on from ’02. I think I might start with the shorter and old one.

As We May Think:

  • Interesting to be reading something from so long ago, from a time when they are referencing the war as just happened. Poor scientists, no war means no technological advancements, or does it!?
  • A thought came to mind. What would the world be like if the WWII never occurred. My guess is that the earth would be much more populated and less technologically advanced. What does that say about the necessity of war? I means we do incredible things in short amounts of time. In peacetime, we do not need to rush our technology, but as climate change is upon us, we should probably hurry up.
  • Knowing that you are protected against illness increases your mental health, cool.
  • Vannevar Bush really wants the internet, but doesn’t quite know it yet, because it would be impossible to conceive as being plausible back then
  • Every invention can only be produced when we have the sufficient materials and resources to build it. You can understand it, but you may not be able to create it for a mass market. This is heading back into design fiction territory a bit.
  • Good theory on the portable camera, we are rocking those badboys everyday

Conclusion: This guy Bush was a theorist who had great hopes for the future. I love that he was basically complaining that there was no internet to share knowledge on. He seemed to have been a smart man.

I’ll get round to the present reading later, for now I’m off…