Fieldwork // Marry me Tate


This interaction follows a post I did about Evan Peters, an actor most famous for his appearance as Tate in American Horror Story, Murder House. His celebrity is affirmed in a lot of pro ana accounts who seem to worship him and discuss his character in highly sexualised terms ie. Comments abound of fantasies of the character taking their virginity for example. This worship is disturbing, as Tate in AHS is a mass murderer and rapist. His character is a social outcast with a famous often reposted mantra “normal people scare me”, which seems to be where the pro ana audience relate to him most. When he undertakes his attack on the school, he paints his face like a skeleton which seems to represent in striking visual terms his outcast status, or the fact he is already dead inside. This seems to be a particularly relatable image for many pro ana accounts, who seem to use the still from the show of him in this makeup as a representation of the secret side of their anorexia. As an indicator of how active the hero worship of Peters is, I reposted an image of him and was immediately contacted by a fan site of his asking for ‘2 likes for 2 likes’.

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