The unattended unlecture.

Hello, I was unable to make a lot of posts due to a sudden camping extravaganza which I solved by ScHeDuLinG mY PosTs!! (how dedicated am I!!!)

I was unable to attend the unlecture, however by reading through the questions to be asked on the Networked Media blog and also a few other students takings, I feel I should make a post about how I assumed it would go down and what it was about.

There was a lot of talk about whether or not the internet is ‘democratic’ or not. Reading Abby’s takings (I hope you don’t mind me stalking you, your name is conveniently the most alphabetically blessed out of the whole course), I learned that Adrian thinks that because the net was made by the best of the best and it’s more ‘flat’ than democratic, but Eliot believes it is because there’s universal access.

The whole narrative vs database was a bit tricky for me to understand, but Lauren’s post helped me understand; Databases are not particularly narratives; they’re merely lists. She mentioned Cowbird which was apparently used in the lecture, which is essentially just a list of stories that may contain narratives, but the site and database itself is not one. IS THE INTERNET A GIANT DATABASE? Lauren asked, which is very interesting. It’s more than just a list or things, but it’s not quite a narrative. Is the middle ground simply ~thenetwork?~


The end XoxoOXOXOoxoxoxoXOoxx


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