oh, to travel back to you

I don’t think it was a good idea to listen to Augustana’s Boston┬ájust before bed because now I’m on a tangent… far, far away from the home-view, longing to return to my beloved second love: the greens of Massachusetts, the soothing, ethereal roads from Montreal down to New Hampshire, the cold puffs of breath as you wander through the avenues of New York City, the remnants of Washington D.C., the clinking of trinkets on dusty Santa Fe….

Can you have such love and affection for things that do not breathe? Can you hold them so deep inside you, longing to caress it with footsteps and breathing in’s?

Oh, I could sigh.

This is a love letter to you, dear cities, dear memories, dear ones.

I could start a new life with you.

…and I will.