W.I.P – Caretaker Woes

I’ve been pulling my hair the past week prior to submission in terms of the following:

  • Scaling – found-footage VS recorded works = DISASTER. Of course, I had to manually scale each clip and in the paraphrased, suited-to-my-situation, Taylor Swift words, “I was lying on the cold hard ground…trouble, trouble, trouble-e-e.”
  • Effects – I tried so hard, succeeded and eventually failed after export when the smoky shadows that was supposed to be part of the background turned out to be as blurred as the next person with astigmatism. I left it coal black and I’m not particularly happy with it, actually.
  • Scaling (part deux) – last export, and it still wasn’t small enough as I had intended. The Premiere Preview screen really does the opposite of wonders to your visual capacity. (*whispers* lying on the cold hard ground). And I ran out of time…. of course. I will upload the scaled version in the near future, ladies and gents!
  • Closed Captions –  I abandoned the use because there was no use. WHY ARE YOU SO STUBBORN?!
  • Titles – worked wonders, and I was able to use you as subtitles too. Thanks for the support.
  • Thank you for listening to my speech.

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