Stuck In The Middle


As a middle child, I have pondered long and hard about the realities versus predispositions surrounding ‘Middle Child Syndrome’.

My conclusion – it exists.

The eldest child, and first born is commonly revered as the prodigy. With parents eyes filled with a haze of pride, they can seemingly do no wrong.

The youngest child on the other hand is pampered and doted with affection, with parents fear they will lose their once adoring ‘babies’. The ‘runt’ of the family (in which I prefer to call them) are also left to follow their own devices, as the eldest has already been groomed to follow the family tradition, which often leads them to many great successes.

Then there comes the middle child – the awkward one. Neither the parents first true love, or the last to fly the coup, the middle child plays an awkward role within the family dynamic. Contesting the elder sibling for parents accolades, and never being seen as ‘doing no wrong’ like the youngest, the middle child has no true calling card.

If only all middle child’s could be like Malcolm.