How does Google Maps determine the fastest route?

My project started as a question i asked to myself, “how does google maps determine the fastest route?. As i began to think about it I slowly realised i did not know what I was talking about and became fixed on finding the answer.

Exploring the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in Google Maps has been a captivating endeavor, revealing the profound influence of AI on the navigation and mapping industry. Google Maps, driven by AI, has evolved into an indispensable global tool. AI assumes a central role in delivering real-time traffic forecasts, supplying users with dynamic route suggestions derived from a wide array of data sources, including GPS devices and smartphones. Machine learning algorithms persistently evaluate this data to identify traffic trends and congestion points, ensuring precise and up-to-the-minute guidance.

AI enhances the user experience on Google Maps by enabling features like voice-guided navigation, predictive search, and personalized recommendations for nearby businesses. This exploration into the AI underpinning Google Maps encompasses an investigation into the algorithms, data origins, and privacy safeguards. Additionally, delving into future AI developments in this domain unveils exciting prospects, including heightened accessibility, more precise mapping, and sustainable transportation solutions. Comprehending these advancements is essential as AI continues to reshape the way we navigate and engage with our surroundings.

The project’s progression enabled me to investigate the various applications of artificial intelligence and automated decision-making. It offered a valuable opportunity to interact with experts, delve into their research, and gain insights into the potential directions this field might take. My approach was research-centric, involving a deep dive into how applications utilize our data, and simultaneously increasing my awareness of the types of data they extract from us.

Through this video you will see incorporated a lot of information explained in regards to the technology that is used in google maps, information given by an expert in Mark Sanderson, and also quick interviews with the ‘common’ university student, plus a fun skit as well, I aimed to be entertaining whilst also staying true to the topic.


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