Getting From A to Z: Supply Chains and the Circular Economy

Shams Rahman is a dedicated academic, committed to sustaining the way human beings send and receive. As a Professor of Supply Chain Management at RMIT University, Shams regularly presents strategies and policy innovation to various stakeholders and professionals. Due to consumer’s increase in demand for products, the electronic industry is one of high waste risk, but holds some of the most potential for reusability. The integral role of the supply chain is highlighted in facilitating a more environmentally-sufficient electronic industry, via enabling methods of repurposing old and unwanted products. GETTING FROM A TO Z: SUPPLY CHAINS AND THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY is a 5 minute documentary that outlines the importance of supply chain sustainability in a world of increasing electronic waste.



Featuring: Professor Shams Rahman

A Film by: Rhys Marks, Guy Lamond, Dante Dicandia

Music by: Cooper Cannell; ‘The Plan’s Working‘, ‘Sprightly Pursuit‘, ‘Perihelion

Studio Instructor: Rohan Spong

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