about the studio

One day she got the idea of drawing up a list of ‘things that quicken the heart.’ Not a bad criterion I realize when I’m filming.
– voice-over in Sunless (Chris Marker, 1983)

How can the list be used to make poetic media artefacts?

Infinite Lists is a studio which ponders how we can use the list as a process, device and tool to approach media making in ways which might seem unfamiliar at first, poetic perhaps. Lists have resonances with how the online network functions as a database, so in this studio students develop a way of making and exhibiting media in line with current and upcoming modes of viewing and interacting with media artefacts.

The works exhibited on this website are the major student collaborative projects, where students have 6 weeks to develop a practice-led research project which explores the potential of poetic listing for experimental, new media or nonfiction/documentary production.

The studio belongs to the conceptual strand of RMIT’s Media degree studio system. It is about making media which responds to ideas. In order to respond to ideas students engage with them through weekly readings, practical workshops and discussion. The approach this studio follows is a conceptually led iterative practice-based model.