Episode 3: Lazy, Hyperattentive and WitchTok?

Episode 3: Lazy, Hyperattentive and WitchTok?

In episode 3 of the “Ok Zoomer” podcast we hear Larise, Alannah and Hannah share their Gen Z experiences.

The episode kicks off with a hybrid piece from Larise, who explores the external pressures that young people are facing growing up today. She speaks to the idea of generational clashes, where they come from and what Gen Z should do next. Then we hear from Alannah as her segment delves into our outdated education system. It discusses the fact that the world around us is technologically evolving so rapidly along with our young minds; posing the question of ‘so why isn’t our education system’? Lastly, we hear from Hannah who challenges her own skepticism on the idea of using crystals for manifestation. She discusses how wellness hacks have become trendy because of social media, but do they actually work?


Generation: Lay-Z

Listen to Larise Jones as she blends together audio cinema and poetry. The piece is a unique take on what its like to call an entire generation lazy and it deals with the pressures that come with being young in the world today. At some point in our lives we’ve all been called lazy, most likely by our parents. But the idea of calling Gen Z lazy for something trivial like living at home longer or not being financially prepared just doesn’t feel fair. That’s how this soundscape was birthed, the poetry elements are there to give the track a personal feel and it is contrasted against the harsh generated voice which represents the boomers. It was an interesting process trying to bring balance to this audio, but it works well to address that there is a multitude of pressures facing Gen Z as they grow up.

Outdated: Education In 2021

Have you ever just felt like school wasn’t for you? Outdated: Education in 2021, looks at the school system which so many struggle in, as it uses a variety of sounds and voices to shines light to its flaws. Accompanied by two friends, Angela and Caitlin, Alannah delves into their perspective on the way the system has personally failed them. Discussing the ways youth learn in a world which thrives off hyper-attention but a classroom which still uses deep-attention, they look at the challenges this juxtaposition poses. The process of constructing this audio piece entailed brainstorming, scripting and interviewing. The changes made to valuable feedback received throughout the making process is ultimately what helped the audio to possess the necessary elements to grab the listeners attention. This process giving me a new set of skills which I have learnt through not only the curation of the audio piece itself but also through the teachings of the studio.


The Crystal Experience

Hannah Barrett experiments with the use of manifestation and crystals. The idea was inspired by endless scrolling through Tik-Tok’s trending sub-category titled Witch-Tok. I explored the use of a Tiger’s Eye crystal throughout my piece, which is believed to be used for motivation and willpower. Have you ever wondered if crystals and manifestation work? I’ll give my honest review of my experience within the piece and share why I believe crystals have grown in popularity.  The process of creating an audio piece for a podcast episode incorporates a variety of steps, such as scriptwriting, recording and editing. These steps are equally as important as each other and can easily affect the quality of the podcast. Through writing my script and adjusting throughout the process I’ve improved my skills and have an improved understanding of how to write a script for radio.


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