Week 3 – Peer Markings

It’s quite intimidating to know that someone else is going to critique my short story, however, it was a good way to learn and improve. There’s never too many opinions as in this world, there’s different perspective to broaden our knowledge. I was honestly quite intrigued with the feedback I received from my peer. He pointed out one of my weakness which was that my sentence structures sometimes a little clumsy that it disrupts the flow. Sometimes I don’t realise that my phrases confuses readers from time to time. It comes out fragmented or it has excessive words. Being pointed out here makes me wish that I could figure out how to improve my sentence structure.

Reading other’s short stories have always left me wondering how they found the inspiration to write this alternate universe or what do they feel as they wrote their characters. To me, I usually find a sense of nostalgia and plenty of influence from other stories I have read to write my story. When I read my peer’s fantasy genre, I was in awe! Even without any extra description of the world I am already imagining it with my own thoughts.

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