Here is a couple of short campaign videos which I think are pretty great, with some notes about why they are great and what we can take away from them in our own video:

  1. LiNK (Liberty in North Korea)

LiNK rescues and works with North Korean refugees to help resettle North Korean refugees and change the narrative of North Korea in the international conversation. This video is great because it is short, aesthetically powerful. The script is as thus:

  1. One sentence about North Koreans refugees escaping, including statistic
  2. Danny introduces himself as a North Korean refugee
  3. One sentence about the documentary he is filming and why
  4. One sentence about booking a screening of this documentary (what this video is about, it’s aim)
  5. Emotional trailer style highlights of the documentary
  6. Text on screen: Danny from North Korea, Book a screening today

So as you can see, it is VERY SUCCINCT and they get their message across in 5 sentences.


2. Robin Hood Relief Fund

Robin Hood is an organisation that fights poverty in New York City, and this video shows how they provided homes for victims of the Sandy Storm through a personal testimonial.

This video is different from what we want to create for our prototype because it is a personal testimonial from one mother, but it is successful in its simplicity and emotional impact.

The arc of this video is that it starts with Kaneisha talking about her home before the storm, giving context of her work and study, and then it shows footage of the wreckage from the storm, what happened to her home and to her family.

In the second half of the video there is an interview from Donna, the CEO of Affordable Housing Alliance, talking about the storm and consequential homelessness in a macro sense, and how they are providing pre-manefactured homes. Kaeisha then talks about how Robin Hood provided the funding for the homes, and there is footage of her seeing her new home for the first time with her family.

There is a good ratio between the personal and the public with the interviews with both kaneisha and donna, and the use of music is simple but effective.


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