Week 04: un-lecture Group Descussion

Today we have smaller computers, smaller cameras, smaller phones, all this technology that is getting smaller, better looking, cheaper and basically an all over better result. If a man came up to you and said “I’ve got two phones, an iPhone 5 and an old Nokia brick phone, choose one both are free!” You’re obviously going to choose the iPhone 5 because you can’t do jack on an old Nokia. The “latest models” are being updated and released more frequently, meaning we get new phones more often because the technology has begun to change so quickly.

So many book stores are going out of business because we have the internet and don’t have to dedicate time to going to the store and buying a book because we can literally order one online within 5 minutes.

My partner in my Wednesday tutorial brought up a point about how because owning a good camera these days isn’t a big deal anymore, the need to have a deeper meaning behind our photographs makes us good photographers or not. 30 years ago if you owned a camera, your photo would be a lot more respected because you simply were able to take that photo in the first place. Whereas in today’s modern culture were almost everyone owns a camera or technological device to capture the world around us, we need to have more meaning and structure behind our work.



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