a simple guide to html

Alright, so, in about 2 hours I have to sit this ‘HTML Test’ in Networked Media class, so I thought I’d write myself up a little cheat sheet, and post it for all to see, as we’re allowed to use the Internet as a resource to help us out.

Note, the brackets ‘( )’ are unnecessary within the coding process.

To write a page header, the necessary coding is as follows:

<head> <title>(Whatever you wish to entitle your page)</title></head></html>


Wanting to create a header for a body of text? Well, look no further than these simple symbols:

Note, if you desire a second body header, simply change the 1, to a 2!

<h1> (Whatever you wish to entitle your body header)</h1>


Looking to create a a paragraph, simple:

<p> (Whatever you wish to write within your paragraph)</p>


Want to insert an image to your webpage?

<p><img src=”(The file name of the particular image)“></p>


How about linking another website to the image you’ve inserted? Yes, it can be done!

<a href=”(The address of the website you wish to link)“><img src=”(The file name of the image)


Wanting to place something in another part of the page? Simply state where you wish it to be aligned!

align=”(Where you want your text/image placed, eg. left/right“></a>

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