Colours of Christmas

Produced by Lydia Cartledge

This project can be found at: coloursofchristmas


In todays digital age, photography is in abundance and we are all photographers in our own right. We use it as a means of communication; a way of documenting people and places and as a tool for telling our stories. Whether it be for private or public use, landscape or portrait shots, commercial or fine art, Instagram has become the perfect place to showcase our photos.

Colours of Christmas is a nine part food photography series that makes use of the functionality of the grid and hones in on its ability to create  visual structure and aesthetic themes to a users profile through a compilation of photos rather than single images. Through the use of colour and specific shots, this project aims to create the feeling of a bright, summery (and delicious) Aussie Christmas!

This project taught me the importance of detail, how different lighting techniques can change a photo and the struggles of making food and drink look good on camera.



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