Libertine music video: Beautiful Beasts go for more

Beautiful Beasts have just released their new music video for Libertine and I’ve got to say it’s pretty damn good.

Beautiful Beast’s new single ‘Libertine’ was mixed and produced by lead singer Andrew Pope and Robert Amoruso (Jakubi) and created by Andy Philips at the Vatican Studio. Dave Kutch, from the Mastering Palace, New York who’s delivered music film clips for The Strokes, Justin Timberlake and The Roots among others, mastered the Beasts’ recent video track.

Formed in 2013, Beautiful Beasts are a Melbourne based band hitting the ground running with their infectious lineup that goes from psychedelic to sweet pop. Delivering ‘soulful grooves’, they take you on a wave of smooth instrumentation in their creative cross genre compositions.

Libertine is about a soul adrift from life, letting the sensuality and mystic tentacles of intoxication and pleasure drag the notion of reality far from their grasp.

The track features many themes of musicality, running from a dance floor chant, embedded amongst a mix of funk piano sounds, a contagious and inarticulate chorus, the ghostly eerie mantra of a church organ and discordant divergences of guitar melodies.

Lead singer Andrew Pope said Libertine is about exploring one’s own perception of good versus evil, and pleasure versus excess. The song was actually recorded five times, and with Robert Amoruso’s final production being released on Friday, the psychedelic track has been transformed into its own identity.


To watch the new video click on the clip below and rate the it at



Beautiful Beasts return from their Australian tour with Julia Henning on May 11 after an exciting three weeks travelling around Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Brisbane and Adelaide.

They’ve played some amazing sets around the country, so make sure you come and check them out when they return to Melbourne.

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