Autom the talking robot

A new invention from an MIT graduate.


A robot to interact with its owner in order to help him or her lose weight. The dieter will key in important information like weight, exercise regime, diet and goals and the Autom encourages the dieter to not give up and even gives feedback (??!!). Kinda like a food diary, but an actual robot to tell you off when you eat.

There was a trial and they found that people who used Autom stuck with the diet regiment longer than the people who just recorded on a piece of paper.

I believe this 100%. I mean, I’ve tried the whole food thing and well, if the record is right, I haven’t eaten anything since February.

Kudos to the inventor for being incredibly intelligent to create a talking robot.

But my god. A device telling me I’m fat and I should stop eating?!!

10 bucks says I’m going to turn it off. Or smash it like my previous alarm clock. May it rest in peace.

But then again, it will soon be adapted into other languages besides English. So I might just buy one to learn German or something.

¡ninguna dieta!

No Diet!

Seriously, can you imagine, happily unwrapping a Toblerone chocolate and suddenly, “What. Do. You. Think. You’re. Doing? Put. That. Down,” in some robotic tone.

And worse if it could roll itself towards me!!

I won’t be able to sleep at night with Autom.


Yeah, cute and all with doe-like eyes.

But come on, we’ve all seen Chucky, right?

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