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November 8, 2014 by sharona

The Sneakerhead Collective

I was incredibly impressed with this film, and it was a perfect film for the amount of time it had. It put together various camera interviews, narration and hand held camera work perfectly. The tone of this film was also just right – lighthearted, curious and engaging.

Something I really liked (because I struggled with narration/titles) was the use of narration – I thought it was pitch perfect and really rounded out the film, serving a narrative as well as a stylistic purpose.

Technically it was a really well put together film too!



When I first started watching this documentary, I think I expected something more than only footage of the same people and subtitles, but the strong point of this documentary is definitely that it was very simple. Rather than getting too complicated, it went for very simple, and very effective, elements.

This worked really well with the fairly emotional subject matter – the simplicity and lack of bells and whistles made the actual content stand out and feel very personal to the audience.


Black Cat

This was a really simple, but really engaging topic. Superstition is something that most people have an opinion on, whether they have many, know of strange ones, or don’t believe in it at all.

I found the shifting from one interview subject to another really fascinating – I loved the idea of each interview being like a little vignette, but perhaps that could have been emphasised more. As is, each interview has a slightly different style, which might be a little offputting to others.

Another simple idea that yielded great results. 



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