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Analysis/Reflection: The End


June 21, 2014 by sharona

Please write constructive comments/reviews of the films you saw. It can be just just those you loved the most or intrigued you the most.

I really enjoyed ‘A Love Lost’ – when I watched it in rough cut it seemed a bit heavy-handed, but ultimately they did a really good job in producing a very serious film (which is hard to do for student films). The locations, lighting and cinematography were excellent, and it was a beautifully shot film. Really my only issue was that it was a still a tiny bit heavy-handed in execution, but other than that, it was a stunning film.

‘Pranking Frank’ is another film I particularly enjoyed, as it had a particularly interesting premise. One of the actors (not Frank) was especially impressive, and I really loved all of his performance. Again, from rough cut to final film was a huge difference, and it was great to see the final product. One of the greatest improvements was the ending – I found it really good to see that the film progressed so much and had a much clearer storyline than it originally had.

‘Budgerigar’ was a good film in that there was a very clear story line. Our film (‘Sliced’), was a bit more ambiguous, so it was good to contrast that with such a strong plot. As in ‘A Love Lost’, the locations were well-chosen and the editing in particularly was great.


“In 200 words or less please outline your goals, desires – what you want to get out of this semester. You will review this later in the course. Many will rethink this dramatically by the end of the course – this is a good thing.”

No? Go back and have a look.

Now we’d love you to do the same at this end.

Please reflect on how you feel about the course. What surprised you, what excited you, what disappointed you. What we could have done better. What you could have done better.

Feel free to copy and paste what you wrote in week 1 into your response.

This semester I would love to really solidify my practical video skills (including shooting, audio and editing), and also organisational skills (directing and producing). Obviously I won’t get the chance to do EVERYTHING, but I would like to really be confident in recording audio and camera, as well as solidifying my directing and producing skills. I also would love to be confident in my own skills to make my own short film by myself, and hopefully make friends that I can collaborate with in the future.

I had a good time in this course. I feel that I did a lot of good work and learnt a lot. I did get to have a go at more practical elements such as audio and camera, as well as editing. A particularly great part of the semester for me was learning colour correction and I think that was my favourite part. I believe there could have been more practical elements in classes, but altogether it was a good experience.


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