As humanity progresses and becomes more innovative in its technologies and methods of survival, we are more and more responsible for the consequences of those innovations. As humanity has grown and evolved to become the most widespread and influential species, the impact we have on our planet may have already been predicted by our media producers, and may serve as a warning for us as we test our limits and step over our bounds.

Games such as The Last of Us and 7 Days to Die, are large world games that focus on the survival of the avatar through the use of strategy and resource collection. Both set in post-apocalyptic worlds based on our own, they reflect the threat of the destruction of human kind through a virus or fungus spore – both things that cannot be seen. To bring down humans, who have unlocked secrets of the earth and built monolithic structures, is a reminder of the power of nature and how fragile we really are, should one aspect of our lives crumble.