Serial Podcast

Of the all programs Kyla has assigned and displayed to us over the course, none has caught my attention and impressed me more than Sarah Koenig’s Serial Podcast: a 12 part series that explores the mysterious 1999 murder of schoolgirl Hae Min Lee. The podcasts are among the finest investigative journalism I’ve ever experienced – I was really taken a back by how Koenig and her collaborators have made this program so incredibly riveting and innovative. It also exemplifies a new future in radio through the medium of podcast and thus how radio documentary and online culture can be a … Continue reading Serial Podcast

Brainstorming – PB4

After learning various lessons on execution, planning and software from the last three briefs: I am genuinely looking forward to Project Brief 4 and am eager to actualise some of the ideas I’ve had for the piece. Essentially, I want to journalistically report on the Male Gaze (a concept that is widely discussed in feminist theory based on male lust and its subsequent empowering and enslaving nature). I want to narrow this down by localising and personalising the concept by interviewing individuals, local organisations and injecting a sonic sense of locality to the piece. I feel confident to enter a … Continue reading Brainstorming – PB4

Field Production Reflection – Ruby Moves In

For my field production I focused on a big development at Flat 18; a new housemate. Ruby has organised to live there for a month as a sort of trial period to see what living out of home is like.¬†A factor of this is based on her sometimes turbulent situation at home and it has been a fun and cleansing change. The natural domestic sounds that this narrative provided are quite obvious and I knew that the way I organised the piece was imperative to how engaging it could be and thus make it sound less predictable and formulaic. I … Continue reading Field Production Reflection – Ruby Moves In

Studio Production Reflection – The Set That Didn’t Happen

For my Studio Production piece I focused on housemate Jade; whose music, insight and expression makes for some interesting sounds and ideas to explore. My plan was to basically document the process of a planned DJ set and deconstruct the journey from Jade’s bedroom creativity to a public space, particularly as Jade is still finding her feet in DJ-ing skills.¬†Unfortunately, Jade was not notified that the equipment would not support her USB and thus night ended up being a bit of a disaster. Nonetheless I still acquired enough material to portray Jade in my intended way and still got what … Continue reading Studio Production Reflection – The Set That Didn’t Happen