The Craftman Mindset : The Passion Mindset

Both of these concepts have their own pros and cons, if I get to choose one, I would rather stay neutral, as I believe we shouldn’t be too subjective onto one idea. First of all, the craftman mindset focuses on what you can offer to the world, by clearing and clarifying the idea to yourself till it is understandable and work in your environment. While the passion mindset is what the world can offer you, by all means following a certain pattern. Some people might argue that craftman mindset is very like a “follow your dreams” while passion is more on following the world. Craftman mindset is sort of like a freelance situation in personal opinion. However I believe that I should be able to take a balance between both of these ideas in order to maintain a successful goal. We can’t always resist the reality, instead we must understand and pick certain areas to follow where public will also agree on.


Cal Newport, 2012, ‘The Clarity of the Craftsman’ in So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work, NY Business Plus, ch.4.

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