Lectorial 1

This week was a big week for myself and many other kids in their late teens/early 20s, because this week was the first week of the rest of our lives… not really, it was just the first week of uni. This entailed us having to attend our first ever Media 1 lectorial. This was an interesting experience for me, as we were made to write a list of 10 things we wanted to be able to do/be better at by the end of this media degree. This lead me to question ‘what did I really want to get out of this course?’ I graduated high school last year, and I think I am one of the very very few students in the media course who, in fact, did not do media in year 12. One of the few who has never actually made a film or edited a photo properly. So this task lead me to question, ‘why am I in media at all?’ It made me realise my doubts about my decision and lead me to create a list which contained things such as these:

1. Know if I actually want to do media
2. Know that if I do media, I will feel fulfilled
3. Know myself

This was in comparison to others lists which contained things such as ‘be able to direct a film’ or ‘know how to hold a camera.’

I’m not saying that this first lectorial wasn’t enjoyable in any way, it just forced me to really think about my choices, which, while it may be slightly daunting and a little inconvenient at the moment, is a necessary step in realising what exactly I want from life.

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