reflection 4 – film n tv 1

reflection 4 – film n tv 1

Analysis & Reflection 4

Question 1: If you are covering, for instance, a dialogue scene between two people, using a shot/reverse shot strategy on each actor, how is it best to ‘cover’ the scene when shooting?

A. Cover the entire scene from both camera angles

Question 2: What does the term ‘matching eye lines’ mean?

A. A situation where in a two shot, two characters are looking at one another

Question 3: When you are recording several shots of two or more people talking to each other the convention is to not cross the line (the ‘axis of action’). The line is:

2. the line through the people talking

Question 4: If you are shooting a mid shot (MS) where should the bottom of the frame be:

A. The Waist

Question 5: When talking about shot construction “crossing the line” means:

A. Screen direction is incorrect

Question 6:

The scenario: You have two scenes to shoot in one day. One indoors, and the other outdoors.

When you’re scheduling your shots when is it best to schedule the outdoor scene. And why?

A. Shoot it first as it could rain later in the day.

Please outline some points that you took away from the Lighting Lecture. Points that excite you, something that was completely new to you, perplexes you or even one you take issue with.

This week’s lecture on lighting was very helpful as it highlighted some key aspects of lighting that I was not comfortable with. Learning about different levels of exposure as well as how to adjust the camera in relation to certain types of light were two of the main aspects of the lecture that really helped my knowledge.

In relation to our shoot, it was important to learn about how we light different scenes and understanding the lighting of our location. This was very important as we are shooting on a beach. Understanding when the best time is to shoot due to the ever changing nature of natural light and what filters are expected were very integral!

Question 8: Please insert the link for your Lenny ex2 here. (use insert link tool)
List the things that you learnt from this experience – this could be things that went well or not so well.

Lenny exercise

I was quite unwell during this whole process but I did create the shot list for the film. This was important as it was a great chance to use a lot of different angles in shots before I created the shot list for our short film. Overall, my group did an excellent job and I cant wait to work with them later this semester!