OTF – Final Project Update (Part 2)

Now that I have decided on what my final project would be and what it will be focusing on, I started shooting footages in the city, in the soccer pitch, and walk bridge.

#City – The shots that I took in the city are hand-held and not from a still camera as I was not in possession of a tripod at the time. However, it still turned out good because I was able to shoot different sequences in various angles and shots eg. the tram driving past, the water fountain outside NGV, leaves rustling, etc.

#Soccer Pitch – Me and my mate went to the soccer pitch to film a few soccer kicks and tricks. I mainly focused on getting the ball in the frame is it goes through the goal posts, and getting the actual movement of the kick itself in the frame. I also shot a few other footages where you could see sweat dripping down his face, showing the intensity of the game. I was happy with what I was able to shoot. I’ll most likely come back to get a few more shots, maybe shoot in different angles or what not.

#Walk Bridge – In the walk bridge, I filmed cars driving past the overhead walk-bridge in the highway. Because I had no access to a dolly track or slider, I used a skateboard as my dolly. I rested the camera on top of the skateboard and slowly roll it forward and back to act as a dolly. Because the surface wasn’t smooth, the footage seemed a bit shaky or grainy. But other than that, I was happy with what I have done so far!

To the editing suite we go….

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