an address of Hypertext – a sort of inward narrative

Hypertext… Theres been so very much talk of it in the weeks past. But I think my understanding of it has finally concreted. At least a little. There is some organised scatter about hypertext. Especially in narratives. I guess maybe some poetic organised scatter.I can’t apply it to anything better, though, than perhaps the way a brain works. There is something incredible in the varied and numerous links that exist in our minds. Whether conscious or something deeper, there exists a vast network of thought leading to thought, or memory leading to something new. Hypertext seems, to me at least, (and its quite possible my understanding is very far from accurate) like quite a virtual replication of a brain. Lights go on, light up other lights. A spark here, a memory there. It’s mot so random as this though. There is control. Whether it be a more creative control or something a little more practiced. An example? I just boiled the kettle. Walked away. I want a warm drink. But what? Now I’m flicking through connections. Tea. That’s warm. Flavours? Peppermint. Lemon. Some green tea? Or maybe just some regular black tea. Maybe not black tea at night. I don’t plan on being up late. Milk. A memory. A memory of how full the milk in the fridge was. Not very. I’ll leave it for the morning. So I’ll have something else. The peppermint. I had that earlier. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoy. I’ll recall the memory. Remember the smell, the warmth that comes from grasping the mug. It’s all lighting up. Like the kettle. It’s boiled. An I’m having peppermint tea.

It all happens.Instant. Connections that work so quickly. They’re conscious and yet you’re still not certain where you’ll end up. It’s intriguing. Swift.

The next time I boil a kettle, I’m very certain my mind will be made up in an entirely different way. It’s an ever changing means to a slightly changing end. It’s a different adventure each time I go at it. And this only regarding tea. Probably much too smaller scale to really comprehend what I’m trying to address here. Oh well. Better luck next time. The links won’t be the same, they won’t follow the same path. Who knows what I’ll come up with. I’m not really sure what I’ve come up with now.