Future Jobs in the Creative Industry

This weeks reading, appropriately titled “Work” by Ramon Lobato and Julian Thomas, focuses on the rising jobs and underpaid positions in our media industry. Correlating alongside the exponential growth of new media platforms and evolving technology, it’s clear that our industry is currently underprepared for this dynamic new medium. They touch on the overwhelming adversity an intern student must confront before jamming their way into a tediously long line for a job at a creator and media manufacturer. The freelancer is considered and used as an example of a worker at the base of the food chain in entertainment and media careers, with most jobs low in pay or blanched of creativity.

The appropriation of this reading couldn’t be more exact to the feelings of all us students (maybe only me?) during this final semester. I’ve had many individuals claim the nuisance of the media and entertain careers and the difficulty of maintaining a stable job. I’m currently writing freelance for a website without pay hence I can relate to the anecdote that was provided and it has been hard seeking a job in that department that was an unpaid internship. It seems that due to the intangible nature of online writing, unless the list of viewers becomes rather substantial, funding is limited and done through mostly advertising through this medium and to your readers. I do hope that this issue is addressed soon (similar to how youtuber’s are able to utilize it’s platform as a career), and that our generation might proactively create a new range of careers that’s purely digitally based. Not only does this generate more jobs for us in this industry, but it also has many benefits like: working away from office, having your own hours and reaching a broader audience.

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