Kalus Schwag’s piece “Megatrends” and it’s overall effect on society discusses how “autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, advance robotics and new materials” are changing the way we work. These elements are all archiving themes for many technological items that we use on a daily basis and are furthering our studies biologically and industrially. He explains that not only has technology improved our communication (Internet of all things) but also the efficiency of our work. Despite some set backs, including; ethical and morality considerations, Government and public VS private, Schwag makes it clear that conformity and adaptability are important to maintain this exponential growth in technology.

Reading this piece during the first week of university, fresh from my holidays gives me an odd sense of comfort. One that I couldn’t initially describe. Here I was, sitting at my desk reading and I felt a wave of emotion, the familiarity of when I initially step into a uber after a long night. I came to realise this feeling was due to the continual interaction with these developments.

A few specific topics did come to mind when reading this section; Pokemon Go and AR/VR, VantaBlack and Kimye VS TayTay.

Yes, it’s a strange accumulation of topics, some that people might be accustomed with and another which you might have never heard.

Firstly, Pokemon Go, HOW COULD I NOT? We talked about AR (Augmented Reality) in class this week and I couldn’t resisted talking about the exploding phenomenon. Decades back, what took NASA to space is now a laughing stock compared to the processing power on our phones, and even so I remembered when AR was initially kicking off and now every single individual with a smart device can access it internationally. I mean, if you’re not impressed then who is?

VantaBlack, maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, it’s not a common material found in your everyday paint/fabric draw.

Vantablack is a substance made of carbon nanotubes and is the blackest substance known, absorbing up to 99.965% of radiation in the visible spectrum.

I thought immediately to this technology when Schwag wrote about new materials, it’s pretty crazy and I’ve seen images of this material and it looks like a hole… well in space.

And finally Kimye VS TayTay, you might be wondering; what does this have to do with technology or the digital world? Excuse me? What does this NOT have to do with technology. I’m not talking directly about the issue itself, but I’m referring to the digital platform that it has been mediated on. Schwag discusses the ethical and moral considerations that come into play when technology has grow to such a degree. This might be the prime example of such, TayTay “lied” (I’m using quotations because this hasn’t been 100% proven) and Kimye posted a video of her call her out on this, however there’s a law that states an individual’s call can’t be recorded without their consent.

So who’s in the wrong? You make the decision.

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