Filming for Signal Assignment/Changes to Plans

Today was the day I filmed all my footage for my final Signal video/visual! I decided to ultimately follow the theme of “compression” and had a few of my friends over and I filmed them outside in my backyard behind a window. It was a solid 30 degrees today and so we used the natural lighting we had and with a white background we filmed throughout the afternoon and into early evening.

Of course when you’re filming you have a few bumps along the way, the first one was getting anyone here in the first place, my first person came on time, however had only an hour to film before they needed to commit to other appointments. My second person was late because of daylight savings and so we ended up filming an hour later then what we thought. And finally, my third person was coming after work and so we had to wait until the evening, which was risky because we were using natural lighting. However, it all came together and we finished shooting all the footage we had before the sun went down.


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