#9b Instagram video

How did you author (the photo or video) you recorded for upload to Instagram?
For the video I used my iPhone 6’s rear facing camera not using any flash. I recorded two short videos which I assembled to one video using the iMovie App. When shooting a video on your iPhone, it is a constraint that there is only one format to choose (whereas you can take a square or rectangular photo). Therefore, it does not fit entirely perfect into Instagram’s square shape. When filming I moved closer instead of zooming in to achieve the best quality possible. I muted the video on Instagram.

How did you publish (the photo or video) you recorded for upload to Instagram?
I had thought about how I wanted the video to be recorded so it only took one shot to get it right. The video has a caption, an emoji and a hashtag. I did not add the location because I didn’t find it relevant for this video.

How did you distribute (the photo or video) you published on Instagram to other social media services?
Aside from Instagram I have posted the video on Stellar as a part of my portfolio there. I also posted it on the 9gag app which is an app I found because I was looking for a place for funny videos. I kept the same caption as on Instagram but deleted the emoji and hashtag. Here, the video format is to repeat the video and thereby it turned into a (very long) gif.

Link to post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxXKN-fl76Q/

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