Our first rough cut it finally here, and I am quite proud in what we have managed to accomplish with the time and resources we had. It’s obviously not perfect, but with the help of Cindy’s comments we should be able to find a good film in there somewhere. At this stage it’s a cohesive piece, but that’s all there is. We aren’t particularly happy with the structure yet, and the colour grade and audio have not been touched at all, but the film is starting to look like a film. It’s hard to judge our film right now because of all that, but it’s about that time within post-production that you get a feel for the tone of the film and what to expect from it in the end. I know that we still have a lot of work to do until we get the final edit, mostly with the fine-tuning of our pacing and structure, but the majority of my group have been mostly in agreement of the content of the interviews that we wanted to keep in our film. With Rohan’s help of course we were given the confidence ┬áto actually delete footage, because again that always a problem most people face when editing anything. We grow attached to shots, and in the end feel a loss when something we thought was amazing on shoot day doesn’t end up in the final product. But we needed someone to give us that hard talking to, to tell us no and to force us to make decisions. We lack that as a group, and it has been a challenge to find that balance of friendliness and work-mate. No one in our group is a definite leader, although I did try to be one, it was just difficult for our personalities to have that final say.

By the way, did anyone else have any exporting and uploading issues. I totally forgot that Vimeo didn’t take anything too large of a file, so this has been another reminder to read the video requirements for all websites, and to export at least a compressed copy of all your films.

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