My Final Reflection

My Final Reflection

It’s down to the last day of Networked Media.

What have I felt thoughout the past have many months its been?

When I first started, I had no idea what the subject was about. Nobody could give me a clear answer to what I was supposed to be learning. It took me maybe 4 weeks to actually grasp what was going on. Yes, there was a blog, and I needed to have one for life or something. That was easy enough, and then we started on the wiki.

The wiki was also something I just didn’t get throughout that whole first lesson of it. A speculative interview? Subjective Wiki? I couldn’t grasp it. Brian eventually helped me out on that front, and I began to work with my groups on various wiki assignments.

I think what I got out of this subject mostly was not to do with speculating. That is something that I haven’t really been doing much of, in terms of looking at networks and all that. I did get a taste of blogging, but now that the course is done, I don’t have to force them out. If I want to blog, I’ll do it when I feel like I have something to say.

I don’t think I’ll continue this blog after this course. Adrian was pretty keen on making it something that you use for the rest of your life but its something I’m not that interested with. He said that every media professional needs to have a blog or something along those lines. I think when I’m ready, I’ll start up again on my Tumblr page and see where that goes. I feel like that is an easier way to network than with a regular blog, or at least easier for me.

The posts I enjoyed making the most were related to my film passion.

All I can say is that this was a very strange subject. Never done anything like it.