[READING] I’m bailing on the first reading… lets read the other ones

[READING] I’m bailing on the first reading… lets read the other ones

Ok, so I couldn’t finish the first reading, so I’m gonna jump into the other two instead.

Lets start with the one on blogs…

  • I now know what a blog is
  • Blogs are good because you don’t need editorial staff
  • He makes a good point that if the blog was something we did on the side of the class rather than the entirety of it, “it simply [wouldn’t be] worth [our] while”
  • It will be interesting when these blogs become more in depth and the Media community begin to start sharing and commenting
  • Developing an online persona… I wonder how those will turn out

In conclusion: I feel like that was just the teachers manual to how to use blogs in class. Cool.

Ok, on to number 2…

  • intentional noticing: awareness of what you are focused on
  • “You can ‘decide’ to notice some thing or some feature, but it may or may not happen”
  • When you notice your breathing, and then you have to breathe manually until you forget about it.
  • From least effort to most: Ordinary-Noticing<Marking<Recording
  • Out of all the try these soon things, i’d most likely do the one about retaining detail through verbal description.

In conclusion: “To notice is to make a distinction, to create foreground and background, to distinguish some ‘thing’ from its surroundings.” I like that quote, sums it up quite nicely.