New Xmen movie update

New Xmen movie update

If you look at the xmen franchise as a whole, it’s a continuity mess. I won’t get into details because there’s too much to talk about except that the entirety of Xmen Origins: Wolverine has been discounted as canon to the series.

The new film, Days of Future Past, basically has Wolverine having his consciousness from the future being transported to his past self, to warn the First Class Xmen of Peter Dinklage.

¬†Dinklage plays Trask, who, from what I’ve heard, is the inventor of giant mutant killing robots called Sentinals. So guesses are that the First Class team have to go and take him out before he can invent them or something.

What gets me excited about this film is simply the fact that it’s a sequel to one of my favourite films, First Class. That was an amazing comicbook film. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are two of my favourite actors because of this film. They were so good at portraying morally divided friends. Both are returning for Future Past, as well as Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hault as Mystique and Beast. Other than Havok, none of the previous cast is returning, which I think is strange.

In all honesty, I don’t really care too much for the original cast returning, but I am happy that this film is dealing with time-travel. That means that they can literally erase the mistakes made in previous films.

Even if this turns out to be a mess of a film, you can be sure the acting will be fantastic and that the next Xmen film will return to the Xavier/Magneto dynamic which made First Class such an interesting and refreshing comic book film.