Week 2.2 – Subject Reflection

Hypertext ?!?.I had a brief understanding of it up until now but did not entirely know the history about it originally just being text linked to text.The Nelson reading wasn’t convinced of the concept because of that fact. But since then in the age of Web 2.0 ,hypertext has been it has been dubbed ‘hypermedia’, because multimedia platforms can be linked in this way.

The subject surrounded how the readings related to storing knowledge and information in a usefully and practically And then delving into how accurate and useful the information actually is.

Internet searches then became the topic of discussion and the feature of ‘tailor made searches’. The results that get pushed through to you based on your previous searches, views and purchases. Whilst I think there is a case of support to me made for the tailor made search in the online shopping realm, I do agree with Elliot on the fact of being limited in your gathering of news and information. There are certain parts of the internet that should remember your preferences (shopping, sports teams, dining rewards) and there are certain parts that should not (news, opinion pieces, government propaganda). A newspaper was never printed to meet our preferences, or a magazine and although some feel that they are now the ones in power because they control what news they get, I believe they are actually not because if you select only specific news items then the power belongs with the outlet, and in turn may not give you an even view.

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