Sketch 2 – Non-linear Narrative structure

The idea for this sketch came from one of the set criteria sketches, where we had to base one around the concept of an unconventional narrative style. Thus, with this in mind, I decided to try to create a narrative in a non-linear format, with the video jumping from different timelines. In the video I recorded myself walking towards the train station, and then getting on the train itself. In the train, I record the movement of the outside whizzing past. When I brought it into my editor, I cut everything together in a pattern, with the walking scenes followed up by a cutaway of the train setting. The video ends with me with arriving on the train, followed by a shot of me leaving it. It kind of ends where it starts.

This sketch allowed me to play with form and structure, which was something I didn’t focus a lot on. The non-linear structure is something I’m not sure would work with a ‘video diary’. Although I was trying to tell a narrative, it didn’t come off as well as I wanted – it is hard to see a narrative through it. However, as I was recording throughout the entire journey, it definitely allowed for some heavy data collection, which did give me the chance to experiment with the footage I got. Also, the jarring cuts suit the video diary genre. It isn’t ‘travel’ video-like though, which may be something we can try with it moving forward.

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