Project Three – The ‘Probe’

Kim and I started off our Project Two sketches with the theme of online travel videos – using Devin Graham and Philip Bloom’s work as case studies. This type of genre allowed us to play around with technical filmmaking and learn about techniques, but we were told we needed a bit of a look into ‘structure’ and ‘content’ – how would we create some form of a narrative with this type of online video. Thus, when coming up with ideas, Kim and I took this into mind and tried to come up with different themes that could produce 14 or more sketches.

  1. ┬áThe first idea we had was a ‘first person’ narrative exploration. This idea came from Kim’s teleportation sketch, which had a positive reaction when we presented it as it explored a narrative of some kind – the camera moving through Melbourne to arrive at Queen Victoria Market. However we both felt it was too specific, and that it would be hard to produce a lot of sketches out of something that was so ‘on the nose’.
  2. ┬áThe second idea was to focus on using specific devices, such as a DSLR camera, GoPro, or mobile phone. We’d be exploring what limitations there were, different effects you’d get with the camera, and how it would play into the travel video genre.
  3. The third idea is what we ended using as our chosen theme to base Project Three around. The idea is to use data collection software from mobile phones to create a video diary of some kind – to play around with these different applications and to see what we could do with it and how it could play into travel videos as well. As we talked more about it, we found it we could create some kind of hybrid of travel video and video diary, using software that every day people use.

A video diary mixed with the travel video genre we’ve been exploring could be an interesting combination. It’s so different to use high production cameras than phones. However, this will give us the chance to play around with different apps and also work more on narrative form and structure rather than just playing around with technique.

The main things we will be exploring are:

How can we successfully create a narrative through different data collection softwares? What limitations and perks does each one have?

What can we take from our sketches in Project Two, and apply it to this style of a ‘video diary’?

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