OVE Assessment 1 – Filthy Frank




Creator: George Miller

Genre: Comedy

Background: Vlog show on Youtube featuring creator George Miller playing different characters all by himself including the lead Filthy Frank. Others include Pink Guy, Salamander Man and Chin Chin. There are so many characters on the show that a wikia site has been made completely dedicated to the show. Videos range from being less than a minute to fifteen. The Filthy Frank show also features songs and raps by Miller, as well as pranks.

I personally really love this channel, as Miller’s sense of humour really suits me. It’s offensive, crude and in no way politically correct, and yet Miller doesn’t care at all. Even on his Facebook page, he posts offensive memes. Even outside of his videos, he keeps his humour in tact. While I’m not really vlogger fan, I never get bored of The Filthy Frank show. While some of the videos aren’t as funny, Miller constantly mixes things up – some of his videos aren’t offensive in any way and are just absurd for the sake of it.


Personality: Miller puts on a different persona with each character – no one knows what his real voice sounds like unless you follow him on Vine. With the title character, FIlthy Frank, he goes all out as a spastic ’52 year old’, talking with a gruff voice. His personality suits the show’s content, as the foul mouthed and offensive persona fits the crude sense of humour the Filthy Frank show is known for.

Narrative: The Filthy Frank show should be commended for actually creating some kind of a narrative with the characters Miller has created. Certain characters have ties with each other, and also moments from previous episodes end up showing up and playing a part later on in future episodes.

Post Production: Miller’s editing is amateurish, but I think that’s the point. Moments such as his battle with Weeaboo Jones are hilarious because of how tacky and cheap they look. Some Youtubers add a lot of production value to their content, which is fine, but I think Miller’s simple use of a DSLR, jump cuts, and amusingly fake visual effects works for the kind of content he creates. If he actually took the time to craft some realistic VFX, it probably wouldn’t be as funny. Also, there is heavy use of jump cuts, which work for this quick type of vlog. The cuts work to deliver the jokes faster, and Miller also uses re-cropping to mix it up.

Music: The Filthy Frank Show is also known for the music. Some of these are a mixed bag for me, such as all the Pink Guy rap songs. I just don’t find them as funny. That being said, in his videos, he often plays off-tune and hilarious covers of popular songs as just the right moment, such as I Am Beautiful, and has written a few himself including the hilarious Weeaboo Song.

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