Assignment 1 – Post 1

Write about what you want from this studio.

What do you think this studio is? Outline your goals and desires. Consider the Studio Prompt, Brief and Aims from the course description (minimum 300 words).


Real to Reel looks like an interesting opportunity to explore the world of non-fiction media, the various forms it can take, and the ways in which it connects with it’s audience. As media evolves further and further so do the ways in which those that create media are able to relate, connect, interact, and engage audiences. I’m hoping that from this class I’ll be able to develop the ways in which i both consider my media production and the ways I want to be able to reach and connect with audiences. Media production is something I’ve been doing for awhile now through uni, for personal projects, and more recently in the last few years for professional purposes. Through participating in this class I hope that I can develop the ways in which I consider, more carefully, the methods and thought process that is behind the intention of the media I produce. Further to this I also primarily work in fiction. This class will hopefully expand my media practice to produce more considered and thought out non-fiction work.

The studio prompt:
What are the various applications for non fiction materials, and, from a production standpoint, what creative and technical challenges arise whilst capturing the real world?

For this prompt is most appealing in the way in mentions the challenges that can arise whilst capturing the real world. Non-fiction work is almost an entirely different method of production and process and it’s this that I want to develop through this class. I want to better understand the nuances of the process of capturing the real world and how this process directly impacts the work and by extension what the audience can experience through the work.


RMIT student studying Bachelor of Communications Media. Focus on Cinema and video production.

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