I enjoy:

“An imbruglio is an intellectual kind of predicament, a muddle to be sure, but a muddle wearing a mononcle”

I am troubled by:

“If any one being exists no less than any other, then instead of scattering such beings all across the two-dimensional surface of flat ontology, we might also collapse them into the infinite density of a dot.”

I understand Bogust’s desire to do away with arbitrary distinctions, but I worry that by leaving no room to move, he becomes too reductive. I am reminded of a phrase my philosophy teacher used a few years ago: ‘equality must pay attention to difference’.

I am intrigued by:

Something is always something else, too: a gear in another mechanism, a relation in another assembly, a part in another whole.

In this context, the inward infinitum of Bogust’s tiny oncology affords us a great deal of room for exploration, an exciting prospect.


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