Hello world!

I realise that this introductory blog post is about 5 weeks overdue. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been working like a machine, or that I’m inherently lazy. But while these things are true about me, to be honest I think my lack of participation is more closely linked to some sort of intrinsic fear of failure. But I watched this video last night and I’m feeling proactive. So before I lose this rare mental state I’m going to do my best to catch up.

I had a sense of victory when I completed the html test in the tute the other day. I’m pretty frightened of computers and technology in general because I lack a sense of basic understanding and therefore control. I’m network illiterate I suppose is the appropriate terminology. All my prior html knowledge was gained from changing my layout on MySpace, but I lost all that the day I learnt a new meaning of the word ‘wall’.

I have mixed feelings towards the notion of blogging. Any sort of outlet for creating an online persona or voice makes me feel uncomfortable. I make a lot of generalised statements about what constitutes “real life” or “true identity” in regards to online expression and interaction, but I understand that these ideals are not only dated but also completely subjective. ** The world I exist in is partially online and I wouldn’t be doing myself any favours in my chosen industry if I disregarded this. As much as I find doing so comforting.

I’m going to start by just trying to pick a theme.

** I’ve been thinking a lot about that first automated post titled “Hello World” and on second thought maybe what makes me uncomfortable is having to present a singular self, for everyone to view simultaneously. Rather than change according to people I’m physically surrounded by. That’s given me a bit to think about anyway.

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