progress on project 4

In class today we got together in our groups and continued broadening our ideas as well as developing ideas and creating our artefacts for our first draft next week. We have come together and created a basis for our girly magazine formatted in a website. Each of my group members will take on a lump each and write an article relating to the topic. Here are our basic ideas for each of our articles:

My article:

  • Sexualisation of young people
  • Sexting and Online behaviour
  • Social media’s false sense of maturity
  • Children and Makeup (representing sexualisation, e.g. why shouldn’t little girls wear makeup? Because it’s the gateway to sexualisation?)

Kelsey’s article:

  • Online identity/performing for an audience (the ‘imagined audience’)
  • Consuming the product (social media) to perform identity and to thus transform yourself into the commodity with a viewing audience.

Amalina’s article:

  • marketing of women on social media + how social media targets young women?
  • Creating online values e.g. “10 signs he’s cheating on you

As well as having the articles as the bulk of our artefact we will also have fun things like the latest music, movies etc. As well as an ‘ask’ section or a photo essay. Next week we have to have a draft of our artefact so this week we will be working on our articles and fixing up the website for how we want it to look.

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